Mental health care for everyone

We understand that everyone faces emotional challenges in life. It’s not easy. Sometimes challenges can get heavy, leading to stress, anxiety, or depression.

Unfortunately, the health care system is not working well to support our mental health – studies show that it can take 10 years for Americans to access care, and more than half of the people who need care do not get it.

Telehealth alone can’t solve the problem. There are not enough mental health professionals, and they are overwhelmed themselves.

Our mission is to make mental health care simple, accessible, and affordable by empowering both health professionals and patients.

We believe that technology should be used to expand the reach of mental health professionals and help patients become co-producers of their own health.

Our leaders

Jose Hamilton Vargas, MD
Co-founder & CEO

Jose Hamilton is a clinical psychiatrist, author, and entrepreneur on a mission to change how people take care of their minds.

Andrea Niles, PhD

Andrea Niles, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Andrea is a clinical psychological scientist. Her passion is harnessing data to improve mental health treatments and using technology to disseminate them broadly.

Diego Dotta Couto
Co-founder & Chief Product

Diego is a mix of designer, software engineer, and behavioral scientist, passionate about understanding users’ needs and creating amazing experiences for them.

Thiago Marafon
Co-founder & CTO

Thiago is a computer scientist that cares most about leading people to use technology to solve challenging problems.