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Personality Type

The Mastermind

Original minds focused on the inner world. Masterminds are strategic thinkers with an extraordinary drive for implementing what they plan. They are competitive and have high standards for themselves and others.

The Logician

Analytical minds with the ability to solve difficult problems in their area of interest, Logicians are flexible and adaptable but can be sometimes skeptical and critical. They are usually more interested in ideas than in social interaction.

The Commander

Bold and strong-willed leaders, Commanders adopt long-term planning to achieve goals. They enjoy sharing their knowledge but can be forceful in presenting their ideas.

The Visionary

Smart and curious thinkers who love solving new and challenging problems, Visionaries are bored by routine. They are outspoken and relentless debaters.

The Counselor

Gentle, caring, and highly intuitive individuals, Counselors have a vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and good planners. Quiet, yet very inspiring and excellent listeners.

The Dreamer

Idealistic and kind people, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them, Dreamers are quiet and good listeners. They are flexible and accepting unless someone threatens their values.

The Mentor

Warm and inspiring leaders, Mentors help others fulfill their potential. Social and attuned to the emotions and needs of others. They are responsible leaders, responsive to both praise and criticism.

The Activist

Enthusiastic and creative free spirits, Activists enjoy keeping their options open, rather than planning. They are very sociable and readily give appreciation and support.

The Examiner

Organized, practical, and fact-minded, Examiners earn success by thoroughness and dependability. They are quiet and serious, but loyal friends.

The Protector

Thorough, responsible and conscientious, Protectors strive to create orderly and harmonious environments. Quiet, but always ready to defend their loved ones.

The Executive

Practical and decisive individuals, others can not rival their ability to manage things or people. Executives help people get things done and are forceful in implementing their plans.

The Provider

Warmhearted, caring, and social individuals, Providers are always eager to help. They like harmony in their environment and are determined to establish it.

The Artisan

Quiet and practical minds, Artisans analyze what makes things work and master tools to solve problems. They are logical, but flexible and tolerant friends.

The Artist

Sensitive, kind and artistic individuals, Artists enjoy the present moment and what's going on around them. They are quiet but committed to people who are important to them.

The Entrepreneur

Smart, energetic and perceptive, Entrepreneurs take a pragmatic approach to solving problems. They are spontaneous and enjoy each moment that they can be active with others.

The Entertainer

Spontaneous, enthusiastic and practical, Entertainers bring a fun approach to their work. They are outgoing and accepting friends.

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