The Activist + Friendships

Activists make great friends who afford others space to share ideas and feelings. Their comforting demeanor makes them great at getting others to open up, which makes them a friend to almost everyone they meet.

To Activists, a friendship is another lens to view the world and experiences, casting this ideal onto those they call friends.

Similar personality types will get along with Activists naturally, but Activists are intrigued by opposites and will try to maintain friendships with the most unlikely of candidates. Adapting to others and communicating in various styles, all the while maintaining their enthusiasm, Activists make suitable friends with all personality types.

If Activists aren’t careful, they’ll place too high of expectations on their friends to contribute the level of ideas and insights that they bring to friendships only to be let down. Activists spare no amount of energy into building a friendship, but their idealistic nature conjures up sterling ideas about who their friends are and Activists may get crushed by the realization that such a notion was an exaggeration.

In friendships, Activists tend to commit their energy to others more than they do to themselves, from day to day things to emotional ones. Spending so much of their time giving and so little receiving can catch up to Activists, leading them to get bitter about the lack of reciprocal effort from their friend.

Activists are fortunate enough to know that people communicate in different ways, offering freedom and space to be oneself to even those they don’t know well. As sensitive people, Activists may have trouble getting along with Rational and Organized types, though they’ll give these them and almost anyone, a chance to share life’s magic.

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