The Activist + Relationships

Activists have great excitement in sharing all that life has to offer with others. For them, relationships, provide grounds for exploration, creativity, and emotional connection. Activists do not take relationships lightly and will devote all they have to offer.

Activists attract suitors often, as they draw others in with their passionate, inspiring and cozy personality.

Dating can be a time filled with affection, as relationships give Activists opportunity to show how dedicated and reliable they are.

While some people can’t fathom the thought of enduring a long distance relationship, Activists believe distance stands no chance against love. At the drop of a hat, Activists are known to cross the physical distance to be with their partner, which injects passion and depth into the relationship.

In relationships, sex gives Activists another platform to express their ideas and intertwine emotionally with their partner. Experimentation in the bedroom isn’t an obstacle for Activists – they want everything to be perfect and don’t want to disappoint. However, Activists believe sex reflects the deep bond between two partners and should be approached with intention.

Some people won’t have what it takes to deal with the dichotomies of Activists’ personality. Even for those able to deal with these contradictions, Activists’ constant curiosity and desire to explore their imagination can bring their own set of difficulties to relationships. As spontaneous people, Activists have trouble staying focused on the long-term goal of a relationship, especially if their partners can’t match their enthusiasm and commitment.

Thoroughly committed to their relationships, Activists’ heads fill up with questions when a relationship doesn’t work out, trying to diagnose what would have made it work. In this way, Activists put too much pressure on themselves to make relationships work and would do well to remember that relationships are a two-way street.

A failed relationship leaves Activists blaming themselves and it’s challenging for them to bounce back and give the next relationship a chance as they wrongly accuse themselves of exposing too much of themselves. In reality, their enthusiasm and desire to connect deeply with others is a manifestation of their desire to share their personal feelings and perspectives about life and the world with people, never having been satisfied by holding it internally.

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