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Developer obsessed with understanding the user. He has ten years of experience in developing and leading teams to create digital solutions for the health industry. Follow Diego on Twitter: @diegodottac

most common fears

Humankind’s 10 Most Common Fears (And How To Overcome Them)

Real-life fears are much scarier than embellished scenes from a horror film, like a serial killer doll or flesh eating zombies. The most common fears cause more discomfort than your average spook and are more real and complex. For the person with the fear, it can be debilitating, preventing the…
shyness gift

13 Cards to Support Your Socially Anxious Friend

It's important to have friends who understand and support you, especially when you suffer from social anxiety. Despite being one of the most common mental illnesses, Social Anxiety Disorder is still highly misunderstood and stigmatized. One more reason to support your socially anxious friend. BuzzFeed health writer, Anna Borges, created…

Aprenda qualquer coisa em 20 horas

Você já ouviu falar muitas coisas sobre aprender algo novo. Falam sobre talento natural, esforço pessoal, 10 mil horas de treino, programação neurolinguística, mas afinal o que dá certo? Há quem pense que o que importa é o talento, ou seja, se você não tiver nascido com uma habilidade natural, nunca…