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13 Cards to Support Your Socially Anxious Friend

It’s important to have friends who understand and support you, especially when you suffer from social anxiety.

Despite being one of the most common mental illnesses, Social Anxiety Disorder is still highly misunderstood and stigmatized. One more reason to support your socially anxious friend.

BuzzFeed health writer, Anna Borges, created these great greeting cards for people who have friends with social anxiety, and they’re perfect.

Next time you think your anxious friend needs it, send them one of these cards to brighten their day:

Sorry I Left You Alone At That Party

You unintentionally left your anxious friend in a sea of unknown people, the number one socializing no-no for people with anxiety. It’s okay. You’ll remember next time.



Let’s Stay In And Watch Netflix

Watching something means you’re less obligated to entertain a conversation, and you can relax somewhere comfy and calm with lots of blankets. This is a much better alternative to that ill-fated party.



Hey: Our Conversation From Two Weeks Ago That You Keep Replaying Over And Over In Your Head Wasn’t Awkward At All. In Fact It Was Quite Delightful

You’re never going to get a direct invitation to send this card, but it’ll probably be valid any time you send it to your anxious friend. The worrying is non-stop.


Good For One Canceled Plan

“In terms of like, instant relief, cancelling plans is like heroin.” – John Mulaney

Have You Tried Meditation? (Just Kidding. I Know It’s More Complicated Than That

A good friend won’t suggest you “eat lots of fruit” or “do yoga” to combat a legitimate psychological condition. Poking fun at the common suggestions is sure to make them laugh and show support.

You Are Not A Burden

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a reminder that you don’t think your anxious friend is a burden for being who they are. Repeated reminders may be necessary.

I Will Call For Delivery When Seamless Is Down So You Don’t Have To

Online food ordering is a gift from the heavens. If that’s not available, as a good friend, you are the designated phone-talker.

I Will Never Leave You Hanging

A perpetual typing bubble or an unfinished reply can cause anxious people a ton of stress. Don’t be ‘that guy.’

You Are The Best Kind Of F*cked Up

It’s easy to feel like your anxiety makes you irredeemably messed up. So let your friend know you love ’em anyway.

I’m Sorry Your Mind Won’t Calm The F*ck Down

Racing thoughts aren’t easily tamed when you have an anxiety disorder, but it might help a little for your friend to know that you acknowledge how much it must suck.

Heads Up: We’re Throwing You A Surprise Party

Surprise parties seem fun, but unexpected social gatherings are a nightmare for people with anxiety. (Your friend can always pretend they’re surprised.)

Thank You For Sharing What You’re Going Through With Me

It’s hard to open up to someone and risk a lack of understanding or support. Showing how much you appreciate being trusted is an important gesture.

Good For Unlimited Guilt-Free Mental Health Days

Sometimes anxious people just need the world to stop for a moment, but it can leave them feeling guilty for checking out. Help them know they don’t need to feel bad about taking care of themselves.

We love this list. What did you think? Are there some supportive messages you think someone with social anxiety needs to hear? Leave a comment below to keep this great list going.

Diego Dotta

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